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Records Management

We specialize in helping government agencies establish records management standards and processes and assist them in properly maintaining and disposing official document according to NARA standards. We have helped our clients adapt to the changing laws, regulations and mandates that have impacted records management policies, procedures, and practices within Federal agencies. Some of the areas we have helped our clients address are:

  • Developing vital records plans to support continuity of operations
  • Streamlining document retrieval processes to meet customer expectations
  • Consolidating document and records management procedures
  • Properly classifying unscheduled paper content
  • Establishing file room procedures that minimize lost or misplaced records
  • Establishing efficient and effective archiving processes to preserve historical records
  • Simplifying file management processes

We have proven experience and skills to address all of our clients records management needs, and we understand mission-critical need to maintain and protect our client’s business needs in compliance with NARA requirements.