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Knowledge Management + Collaboration Solutions

IT Teams across business departments that own business processes need a seamless connection to access applications, tools, data, content and knowledge to accelerate business demands of today's world. UniSpec works towards setting up collaborative infrastructure that can help you unify information assets, scattered across regions, divisions, and international boundaries. We work towards setting up a solution that balances creativity and technology, delivering comprehensive collaboration solutions for you. Integration of information sharing processes results in greater increase of productivity. Solutions developed by UniSpec give you central control as well as local customization to streamline your applications.

Solutions developed by UniSpec offer:

Sharing of information on the basis of usage/user affinity levels in intranet, extranet and public domain.

  • Swift access to information for collaborative workflow.
  • Seamless connection among users to augment business results.
  • Integration of information sharing process resulting in greater productivity.

Our experts have created structured taxonomies out of content chaos to form a formidable basis for information architects to deliver websites, portals and content repositories that even non-technical end-users can manage. We not only provide custom integrated solutions with third party products, but also develop content management and content delivery solutions that help to quickly realize high-value solutions to our customers.

With available knowledge widely dispersed and fragmented, organizations often waste valuable time and resources in 'reinventing the wheel' or failing to access the precise information and expertise available. Knowledge management is the specific and systematic management of critical knowledge and its associated processes of generating, gathering, classifying, and disseminating the information in various forms.

How UniSpec knowledge management works:

  • Presence of a knowledge leader to develop a framework and promote the mission of our customers
  • Creating a knowledge team by bringing together people from all disciplines to develop methods and skills
  • Constantly creating knowledge repositories to capture best practices, expertise directories, and market intelligence