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Enterprise Deployment & Distribution

UniSpec delivers services and tools to plan, test, analyze, and deploy business and mission critical productivity applications to systems throughout the enterprise.

Our Enterprise Deployment & Distribution services play a critical role in deploying applications, updates, and patches within our customers' enterprise environments. With application lifecycle and packaging best practices in mind, our approach focuses on achieving efficient application deployments, streamlining configurations, increasing software management capabilities, minimizing security risks, and reducing software costs. Our service offerings include:

  • Systems Management
  • Application Packaging
  • Software Distribution
  • Asset Management
  • Patch & Policy Management
  • Software Metering
  • Dashboard Reporting

Our deployment specialists are experienced in numerous technologies that facilitate enterprise deployments using industry best practice. Functioning as an embedded element with within the life cycle process, we work with our customers to define policies and procedures, ensure that software and systems are properly updated, and provide assurance that deployments were successful.