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Desktop Engineering

The ability to efficiently deliver access to and manage standard business and mission critical applications and services has become increasingly important within an enterprise infrastructure.

To meet that challenge, UniSpec offers Desktop Engineering services that provide the disciplined and iterative methodology required to design, implement, manage, and support desktops across the enterprise. We approach the task with a focus on applying repeatable processes and procedures that assist with design, test and integration, and configuration & release management. Our approach led to quantifiable decreases in migration timelines, reduced support requirements, reduced software costs, and increases in operational efficiency. Our desktop engineering service offerings include:

  • Desktop Lifecycle Management
  • Zero Touch Desktop Deployment and Migration
  • Automated Software Delivery
  • Application Provisioning
  • Image Management
  • Remote Support & Deployment

Our desktop engineering professionals identify, define, and quantify business unit functional requirements; which aid in the identification of image enhancements and the selection of new hardware standards. Through our coordination with end user community stakeholders, we ensure that all required parties are fully engaged throughout the design and release process, while applying stringent procedures to test proposed changes prior to acceptance.

Whether working within our customer's defined configuration and release management process or the process established by us, our desktop engineering professionals have successfully rolled-out and provisioned applications for tens of thousands of new and updated enterprise desktops within our customers environments.