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Data Center + Facilities Management

Current trends in infrastructure growth place extreme demands on data center facilities and personnel. Capacity planning based on server rack footprints, and building in a bit more cooling and power than the average office were commonplace in the prior data center models.

Our Data Center & Facilities Management services help our client plan, implement, and manage data centers to deliver Tier 3 service to business units. Using the ITIL service delivery model as our framework, our facilities managers and data center personnel monitor data center equipment, serve as the point of escalation for problems identified within the facility, manage data center security, identify and resolve problems within the facility, and oversee and monitor the data center facility's environmental systems including fire systems, security systems, and physical security. Our service offerings include:

  • Business Continuity Support (24x7x365)
  • System Operational Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring and Administration
  • Physical Security & Data Protection
  • Vendor Site Visit Coordination
  • Cabling Standardization
  • Power Provisioning
  • Code & Ordinance Compliance
  • Maintenance Projects Prioritization
  • Fire Safety
  • General Building Maintenance Services

Our data center and facilities services assist our customers to achieve redundant, scalable, and highly available global infrastructures that meet their enterprise IT computing needs.

Through planning and coordination, implementation, and management, UniSpec's data center and facilities services help customers leverage capital investments while meeting the evolving needs of their expanding global presence.