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In the current economic environment, our practice of corporate social responsibility is more than ever at the core of our business strategy.

Our priorities can be summarized in three words:

Inclusion, Preservation, Connection.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability greatly contributes to our overall performance by promoting the creation of long-term value. This enables us to better manage our risks; it pushes us to innovate and allows us to seize the opportunities for growth linked to society's latest expectations. It also helps to optimize our internal operating methods, making us more efficient.

Our strategy and plans for improvement are continuously informed by dialogue with stakeholders at global and local levels.

External commitments

Over the last few years, we have made external commitments confirming our desire to contribute to sustainable development.

Listening to external needs

To ensure that our corporate responsibility and sustainable development approach is in line with society’s expectations, our employees around the country listen to various external stakeholders, especially customers, suppliers, NGOs, local authorities, and national and international public bodies. Ongoing and past partnerships with various organizations such as UNCF,, and local associations such as confirm our commitment to creating a lasting dialogue with society. UNCF