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Management Bios

WESLEY MCCLURE, CEO, President, Chief Executive Officer CCNA, CCNP, Lecturer

Mr. McClure has been a pioneer in many areas of infrastructure service product development and delivery. Since the late 80s, he was been instrumental in the areas of software development in some of the first SNMP-based network/systems management software systems in the areas of MIB-construct and SNMP-proxy design and development. He has expertise using widely used mathematical algorithms, for emerging digital communications as well as business and market analysis. In the 90s, he designed, developed, and optimized numerous mission-and business-critical data/call center operations centers for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies all around the world, such as First Union/Wachovia, FAA Telecommunications Satellite (FAATSAT), Bank of China (Hong Kong), NextNine (Tel Aviv, Israel), DISA's NOCs (Stuttgart, Germany), UUNET, Worldcom/MCI, intelligence agencies and the IRS. Show More ...

Brian Cleary - CFO, Senior Vice President

Mr. Cleary is responsible for all aspects of UniSpec' accounting, finance, administration, strategic planning, and capital funding. He has over 7 years of finance, accounting, human resource management, contracts and purchasing experience in the government contracting and commercial environment. Mr. Cleary specializes in budgeting, project cost, procurement regulations, financial analysis, bank relations, property and casualty insurance, and fringe benefits design and implementation. He is also experienced in performing acquisition due diligence, consolidating accounting systems, consolidating employee welfare and 401(k) plans, and risk programs. Prior to joining UniSpec, he served as Assistant Comptroller at Vistronix, Inc. and Sr. Financial Analyst of GTSI. He holds a B.S. degree in Economics from University of Virginia, and an MBA at George Mason in Washington, DC.


Mr. Baxevanis, is an expert in Information Security & Data Networks. He work in the Information Technology goes back 20 years and includes project team lead roles at Andersen Consulting and IBM Global Services. During his career Mr. Baxevanis has worked for numerous Fortune 500 organizations both in the United States and abroad including INTELSAT, Commerzbank(Germany), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Eastman Chemical, Sharp Electronics, Banque Et Caisse D’Epargne De L ‘Etat (Luxemburg), Chase Manhattan Bank, Avaya (FIFA 2002 Worldcup), HSBC, Cendant, CSC and others. Mr. Baxevanis has also worked in various Federal organizations such as Health & Human Services, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Justice and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Having worked both in various private industries and federal organizations, he has gained a unique perspective into the synergies between the requirements of the business/mission and those of information security. [+]