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Globalization 3.0 - UniSpec 3.0

In the book “The World is Flat”, Friedman recounts a journey to Bangalore, India, when he realized globalization has changed core economic concepts. He suggests the world is "flat" in the sense that globalization has leveled the competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging market countries. In his opinion, this flattening is a result of a convergence of traditional information technology with innovations such as the ubiquity of smart phones, the emergence of cloud computing and collaboration tools being integrated with workflow software. Today, this period referred to as Globalization 3.0 (G 3.0), differentiating this period from the previous Globalization 1.0 (which countries and governments were the main protagonists in) and the Globalization 2.0 (which multinational companies led the way in driving global integration).

UniSpec specializes in seamlessly delivering G 3.0 accelerators and technologies to our Federal clients. We harness the power of proven workflow applications and methodologies. Leveraging software systems to define, measure, and improve workflows. These solutions have direct business impact, and hence improves the enterprise.

These include:
  • eHealth workflow management systems
  • Social Networking and Collaboration
  • Data Center/Power Optimization – “Greening Solutions”
  • Business process automation – Data Center, Help Desk, App Dev
  • Performance-based, “Smart” Contract Management
  • Business process management
  • Business process modeling and taxonomy
  • Business-driven development
  • Enterprise content management
  • Process architecture
  • Process-driven application
  • Structured Project management