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UniSpec is an information technology and business solutions provider focused on supporting the operational efficiency of government enterprises. UniSpec employs over 65 full-time consultants, engineers, and support personnel in the areas of consulting, data and operations center support, and knowledge/administrative support services. We continually deliver premier services for high profile customers and agencies such as NASA, Department of Transportation, Federal Reserve, Treasury, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and Justice. We are located in over 14 states across the country. Our focus on achieving high performance in the face of complex Federal challenges enables our customers to deliver the service, protection, and security that America needs. As a trusted Federal partner, we help our clients communicate, collaborate and innovate the essential functions required in support of their mission.

UniSpec's areas of focus include:


U. S. Map highlighting 14 states
  • 75 full-time engineers and consultants
  • DCAA Approved Accounting System, 2009
  • SDB, GSA 8(a) Stars II
  • Contract# GS06F1068Z, Program Manager - Wesley McClure - 202-747-3370
  • DUNS# 139131028

We are:

  • - Committed to high valued service to our clients.
  • - Committed to our colleagues in a professional and personal capacity.
  • - Committed to the greater mission in each of our lives.

At UniSpec, we take customer service very seriously - we measure everything we do and move aggressively to address issues. Our organization is committed to the mission of the Federal Government and we set high standards when it comes to our performance and the satisfaction of our clients.

  • HR/Finance Office:
  • UniSpec Enterprises | 80 M St. SE Suite 715 | Washington, DC 20003
  • 202 747-3770-o | 202 521-3524-f
UniSpec is a BBB accredited business.